Business Philosophy

   In recent years, the flip-flops has become the necessities of livelihood, besides,  under the leadership of the well-known flip-flop brand "Havaianas", flip-flops have also become the selected accessories of many fashionable celebrities when they attend the banquets or go outside. Then flip-flops has transformed into a synonym for fashion, and no longer just low-priced merchandise.

   In view of this, GOOD-TYPE hopes to create the flip-flops differ from traditional ones. In addition to material environmental protection, the upper printing is more wear-resistant. Besides, let the people with design concepts matched with the flip-flops, to improve their quality of the flip-flops by design, so that they can be more fashionable. With the level up and the customized production, more consumers can find the place to purchase their unique things. This is a combination of designers, factories and marketing, and then promotes Taiwan's economy.